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The Book of Etu is a culturally infused streetwear line consisting of sustainable apparel and accessories which include: Denim, Shirts, Sweatsuits, Outerwear, Intimates, Accessories, and Footwear for men, women, and pets.


The Book of Etu logo features a double E motif sometimes carried by a scarab and incorporates the symbolic seeds and stripes of a watermelon to denote wearable liberation. The location Seneca refers to Seneca Village, a settlement in Harlem created by free Black landowners but destroyed to make Central Park. Whereas, 1865 commemorates the official year of Black emancipation coined Juneteenth and debunks the falsehood of July 4th as our day of redemption. The collection is a movement for those associated by the diaspora and allies by conviction. It is not for those content with sleepwalking but ascribes to those who are conscientiously woke. It is the prayer of the ancestors and the pulse of our freedom.

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