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The Evans Guild

The Evans Guild is a lifestyle design (Create), Manufacturing (Produce) and Media (Brand) agency specializing in curating premium products and platforms in the Fashion, Beauty, Fragrances and Furniture industries. We also provide interior and staging design services upon request. The Evans Guild luxe design division is composed of it’s signature Etu Evans brand most known for its coveted Purple Bottoms and The Book of Etu, which is a culturally infused streetwear collection best described Concrete Couture. The media division consist of Tu Media which specializes in providing media content for television, film and magazine publications  along with hosting and media correspondent services.

About : About

The Solesville Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Evans Guild. It is committed to “Saving Soles one step at a time” through global shoe drives, art therapy exhibitions and advocacy against sexual abuse and trafficking of children and youth.

We are lifestyle architects committed  to sculpting idenity and establihsing brand equity to control our narrative. 

Our mission is to efficiently infuse the art of design, science of behaviorism and craft of communication to impact the creativity, revenue stream and company awareness of our labels and services. 

The Evans Guild is a hand picked collective of iconoclastic visionaries engendering an environment for one’s spirit, ideology and image to strive. 

We are the style cognoscenti bearing the moniker of brand excellence.

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